Cryptowars is a MMORPG gameFi that brings the Tibia gameplay to an intertwined gameFi style. Players can have fun creating their campaigns in an open Tibia server, and by uniting this gameplay with our gameFi we are creating a new reality in blockchain games.

Loyalty Coins

These coins help increase the mining power of the houses, the more Loyalty Coins a house has, the more it will produce $CWARS tokens. Enter our incredible medieval experience with warriors, dragons and houses!

Open tibia server

An open Tibia server with a 8.6 custom global map version, low rates, custom client and infinite possibilities to earn $CWARS tokens through the quests and wars, while also dropping items that will be used on the gameFi’s economy.

Deflationary token

A game made to work on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network, with the official currency called $CWARS, a token made to be deflationary. With each transaction made, an amount of tokens is burned automatically, removing volume from the market and adding value

Kingdon Houses

In our kingdom there are 5 dominant houses, each house represents a region of the kingdom. For warriors to go to battle, they need to support one of the 5 houses. The houses have different capacity and levels from each other, start building your empire!

Client 8.6 custom

The gameFi is working on windows and linux, with systems connecting it to the open tibia server. The game has a new cast system, special areas for top players, special events and various methods to burn tokens.


Our platform has a marketplace for you to trade your warriors, houses, lord of light stones and loyalty coins, all this with a large community of players, a simple way and totally without gas fees.

Nft Warriors

Warriors need to prove their value to the houses of the kingdom daily. The players can battle once a day for each house, earning $CWARS tokens for going to battle and proving themselves to the kingdom.



Join one of the best MMORPG based gameFi ever created and build your kingdom! A game of teamworking in an open Tibia server where you can also trade your NFTs with other players!

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A game of houses and warriors battling and hunting various creatures to obtain $CWARS rewards in exchange for the loyalty of the kingdom’s houses

NFT Marketplace

Buy and sell houses, warriors and stones of light, with a simple system without gas fees. Make good deals and increase your production of $CWARS tokens.

Free to play Tibia server

Counting with the 8.6 global map version, our game also comes with a custom client protocol, low rates, quests that drop items used on the gameFi and players with premium accounts can sell their items for $CWARS tokens to other players.


Stake your assets for passive income with our 3 types of staking classes with sustainable APY, to get rewards and much more.

Deflationary token

With each purchase or sale made, purchase rate burns 2% sell rate burns 3%. This way we can keep the token deflated.


Our ecosystem brings the perfect gameplay to mix gameFi with Tibia. Since resources are shared in both games, items produced on the Tibia server will be used on the gameFi, this way we can have a perfect balance for the economy.


Our ecosystem brings the perfect gameplay to mix gameFi with open tibia server, so resources are shared in both games, one game depending on the other game, items produced in open tibia server, will be used in gameFi, so we have a perfect balance for the economy.

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Phase 1

  • Team Buildup
  • NFT Concept Designer
  • Website gameFi Launch
  • Website otserver Launch
  • GameFi Marketplace system
  • Open Tibia server Devolopment
  • Whitepaper Release

Phase 2

  • Token Contract Audit
  • Team Kyc audit
  • AirDrop NFT
  • Project Introduction
  • Testnet
  • Content Creators Partnership

Phase 3

  • Pinksale Fair Launch
  • PancakeSwap Listing
  • Open Tibia Server Launch
  • GameFi Launch
  • Listing CoinMarketCap
  • Listing CoinGecko
  • Massive Marketing Campaign

Phase 4

  • Event System
  • GameFi PVP War of the houses